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Count Part Type Description Count Part Type Description
3 tank Cap f tank 31 tank Tank r
4 tank Cap fuel tank 6 tank Tank rad
2 tank Evaporative emission canister fuel tank pressure contr valve 2 tank Tank out
142 tank Fuel pump module Sender and pump In tank fuel pumps 2 tank Tank asm b
18 tank Fuel pump module fuel tank 8 tank Tank asm r
160 tank Fuel pump module in tank fuel pump Sender and pump 3 tank Tank asm rad i
2 tank Fuel tank 6 tank Tank asm rad inl
8 tank Fuel tank filler door lock release rear compartment switch 3 tank Tank asm rad surge
5 tank Fuel tank pressure sensor 2 tank Tank asm htr and a c cont vac
2 tank Fuel tank selector valve switch 2 tank Tank asm htr and a c cont vac
2 tank Fuel tank vent valve 6 tank Tank asm r
2 tank Fuel tank vent valve pipe 7 tank Tank asm rad surge
25 tank Gas tank c 2 tank Tank asmrad inl
3 tank Gas tank cap 14 tank Tank asmrad surge
4 tank Heater air conditioning control vacuum tank 2 tank Tank h
4 tank In tank f 3 tank Tank rad i
37 tank Inlet tank 5 tank Tank rad o
2 tank Inlet tank b 3 tank Tank rad s
3 tank Inline to fuel tank harness connector 9 tank Tank rad surge
2 tank Module kit f tank 160 tank Tank sending unit
6 tank Outlet tank 2 tank Tank unit
3 tank Surge tank 2 tank Vacuum storage tank

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