What is a Core:

A core is simply your old part.

In order to provide the most cost effective solutions some auto part suppliers remanufactured components from a used part; saving considerably over a totaly new unit. Because this process requires the old inoperable part (Known as a Core) to start the remanufacturing procedure we require the old part to be returned.

During rebuilding process all wear areas are replaced and NEW components are installed where ever needed. The unit is prepped to be "Like New" and ready for installation on your vehicle.

Because the old part (The Core) is necessary as a starting point for this remanufacturing process a financial deposit is required at the time of purchase to insure that your old part is returned to provide an adequate supply of inventory to remanufacture. The amount of the core charge will depend how difficult it is to obtain used units for remanufacturing in the open market.

Shipping charges for the return of your old unit is generally your responsibility however there are some firms that will offer prepaid shipping for the return of the used core. Platinum parts and Dorman OE Solutions are two such firms that will prepay for the core return.

Please contact us for further information regarding core shipping allowances.