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Count Part Type Description Count Part Type Description
25 cap Cap 29 cap Cap asy radiator
7 cap Cap bleed screw 4 cap Cap asy oil filler
16 cap Cap filler 5 cap Cap asy fl tnk
1 cap Cap fuel pressure regulator 2 cap Cap asy fuel ta
1 cap Cap grease 1 cap Cap asy radiato
2 cap Cap rad with press relief 1 cap Cap filler
3 cap Cap valve 1 cap Cap str brsh en
1 cap Cap wheel hub 2 cap Capacitor asy
1 cap Cap asy 2 cap Dist cap
2 cap Cap asy fuel tank locking 1 cap Distr cap
107 cap Cap asy fuel tank filler 3 cap Fuel cap
47 cap Cap asy oil filler 5 cap Mcraft thermostats & caps
1 cap Cap asy overflow container 3 cap Stats&caps mcraft

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