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Door Check Strap

Door Check Straps

Also Known As:

The vehicle door is one of the vehicle body parts that can provide aesthetics to the overall design of the vehicle’s body. The vehicle door is a hinged device used for entering and exiting the vehicle cabin. The main function of the vehicle door is to secure the vehicle body which can be locked to prevent non owner access. There is variety of vehicle door locking systems. The vehicle door can be manually opened or automatically operated and might be operated individually or centrally. The vehicle door is attached by other mechanism like the door locking system, door latch cable, door latch and door check strap.

The door check strap provides the driver and the passenger the infinite amount of secured door locations between the fully closed and fully open position. The door check maintains the door position when the door was left partly open or partly close. The door check strap is located between the door hinges of the vehicle door. The door check strap is connected to the vehicle body frame and the other end is attached to the vehicle door.

However, like any other vehicle parts the door check strap can be bent or damaged due to rust, corrosion and normal wear. Once the door check strap fails, the vehicle door can be difficult to open or it cannot be fully opened. If the vehicle door moves freely around like it has no resistance it can cause injury or accident if not replaced. When finding replacement for door check strap that fit into your vehicle browse our online catalog here at OE PARTS HQ.

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