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Door Lock Solenoid

Door Lock Solenoids

Also Known As:
Door Lock Actuator

One of the best things to do when going in and getting out of the vehicle is to close and lock the door of the vehicle. This will keep the people inside the vehicle secured and safe while the vehicle is running. Another important matter to consider is the vehicle is also protected from theft upon leaving it in the parking lot. One way that you can secure the people and other things inside the vehicle is to make sure that your vehicle door is equipped with an effective door lock solenoid.

The door lock solenoid is a device on the vehicle locking system which enables automatic unlocking and locking of the vehicle doors. This moves the hook rods at its ends, which unlocks and locks the vehicle door by latch when the door lock actuator is being pulled or pushed down. This enables you to lock or unlock the vehicle door with a simple push of a button. The door lock solenoid is also called as the door lock actuator. The door lock actuator is a part of the door locking system mechanism located in every single door of the vehicle. When this part is faulty, it only affects the single door in which it is designated to work with.

The very important consideration here is; you need to have a properly working door lock actuator in order to securely lock your vehicle especially when getting out and leaving your vehicle.

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