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Egr Line

Egr Lines

Also Known As:
Egr Line/ Egr Lines Egr Tube/ Egr Tubes/ Egr Pipe/ Egr Pipes/ Exhaust Gas Recirculation Line/ Exhaust Gas Recirculation Lines/ Exhaust Gas Recirculation Pipe/ Exhaust Gas Recirculation Pipes

Environmental consciousness has risen these last few years and the demand for clean technology is peaking. When talking of pollution, fingers are often pointed at vehicles. While it is true that vehicles are among the culprits in environmental deterioration, car manufacturers made efforts to curb pollution as early as the 1970s. Emission control technologies were thus developed by the carmakers and one of these is the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System.

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation system functions by routing exhaust gases back into the combustion chambers to reduce emissions. Recirculating the exhaust gas requires a series of pipes called EGR ‘lines’ or EGR ‘tubes’ to serve as passageways for exhaust gases in order for them to reach the combustion chamber again.

The challenge for the EGR lines is that they must handle substances of high temperatures and deposits. EGR tubes are prone to corrosion and deformation due to thermal expansion therefore EGR lines must be made of durable corrosion resistant materials. Deformations and corrosion on the EGR pipes could start leaks, making the EGR system ineffective.

In addition to heat, exhaust gases contain carbon particles that accumulate inside the EGR pipes. Blocked EGR pipes lower engine performance and increase NOx content in exhausts. If EGR tubes are clogged, cleaning or replacing the EGR lines must be made to preserve the EGR system integrity.


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