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Engine Intake Manifold 1996 Chevrolet Truck K1500 Pickup

Engine Intake Manifolds

Also Known As:
Inlet Manifold

Different types of modern engines of automobiles have the air intake system that is composed of different parts. Some of which is a very complex system that has especially developed engine intake manifolds which divide the air into the different cylinders which increases the engine power. The three main parts in the car intake system is the air filter, the mass flow sensor and the throttle body. The intake manifold is made up of pipes and tubes that work as one of the air passage system of the engine in which the fuel air mixture passes thru the fuel injector, and into the intake valves of the cylinder.

For vehicles that are equipped with a carburetor, the air passes through the air filter elements and it will go into the chamber of mass flow sensor where air blends with the fuel, and then it goes through the cylinders of intake manifolds. In the distribution of even air and fuel, it can increase the fuel efficiency and also the performance of the vehicle engine.

The engine intake manifold or inlet manifold serves also as a mount for the throttle body, fuel injector, carburetor and other miscellaneous components of the engine. A car with intake manifold that is made from aluminum that can be extremely hot especially if this is positioned at the top of the exhaust header. A heated air taken inside the inlet manifold before it goes into the cylinder may decrease in horsepower of the vehicle. But by the used of heat shield, it will protect the aluminum intake manifold that radiates the heat from the exhaust header that might cause damage not only to the intake manifold system but also to other miscellaneous components of the engine.

Some cars come with factory fitted air intake systems, a well-tuned and it is capable of producing desirable engine power but installing an additional air intake system from the aftermarket will let the engine increase horse power and performance.

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