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Fog Light 1999 Bmw 318ti

Fog Lights

Also Known As:
Fog Lamps,

Driving in the cold weather and foggy area might cause a zero visibility on the road. Visibility is a very important aspect when driving a car to avoid hitting other vehicles in front of you or anyone. You should be able to see your way on the road while driving. The fog lights are designed to provide better visibility on rainy days, foggy areas, nighttime driving or at dim light road situations. It is especially designed to cut through the fog that will provide a better visibility. This device augments the low beams of the headlights. They work together to maximize the vision on the roads.

The fog lights are not like high beam lights, it lights up the road but it is below the fog. The reflectors of the fog light are designed also to spread the beam on a wider angle for a shorter distance. The fog lights is also called as fog lamps.

Some vehicles have built in or factory installed fog lights, but others vehicles do not have fog lights. Vehicle owners can buy fog lights that are specifically designed to match their vehicle. Fog lights are available in the aftermarket. The fog lights are very useful to help a clear visibility on the road, not only it makes the driving safer but also it will add aesthetics design or style into the vehicles.

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