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Hvac Heater Hose Outlet Tube 2004 Ford Focus

Hvac Heater Hose Outlet Tubes

Also Known As:
Heater Hose Assemblies, Heater Hose Lines, Radiator Lines, Coolant Lines, Connector / Reducer, Heater Hose Connector.

The heater system is the one responsible in giving a warm temperature inside the vehicle cabin. This is very important during cold season and on snow.

The system that heats your passenger cabin is closely linked to the engine, because the engine heat is efficiently recycled that becomes the heat inside the cabin. The system begins in the engine compartment, where coolant fluid is heated by the engine. Warmed coolant fluid will travel through the heater hose outlet tubes going to the heater core, where hot air is transferred to the cabin air.

The heater hose outlet tubes provide a flexible connection for coolant flow between the engine and the heater core. The heater hose outlet tubes are also known as heater hose assemblies, heater hose lines, radiator lines, coolant lines, connector / reducer and heater hose connector. These tubes are very important because it helps the heater to produce the heat needed to raise the warm temperature inside the vehicle. Every Heater Hose is designed to carry the hot coolant from the engine block going to the heater core and return it back to the engine. This process will keep a warm temperature inside the vehicle even when the temperature outside is at freezing point.

The heater hose outlet tubes is commonly harden, drying out and cracking because of excessive heat exposure. In such cases, the heater hose outlet tubes are prone to breaking or cracking. If that happens, there can be possible coolant leaks. To avoid further problems of the heating system, an immediate replacement must me done.

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