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Power Seat Switch Retaining Clip 1995 Cadillac Seville

Power Seat Switch Retaining Clips

Also Known As:

The vehicle power seat is a common feature for high end and luxury vehicle models. This vehicle feature helps those people with back, neck, and knee problems to adjust the seat to suit for a more comfortable position. Many of the power seats allow vehicle driver and passengers to adjust the seat lumbar or recline the seat lumbar to have a comfortable back support. The vehicle power seat has also a power memory setting feature which is able to program specific positions for different vehicle drivers. The power seat memory setting is very beneficial to different drivers who use the vehicle. The power seat is activated by the push of a button or flick of a switch.

Along with the power seat switch is an accessory called the power seat switch retaining clip. The power seat switch retaining clip’s primary function is to hold and fasten the power seat switch in place so that it will not move in different places while the vehicle is running. In this case, it is only being situated at a stable position, but also preventing the power seat switch from hanging, or pulled out in its case. That might cause an electrical wiring breakage or it might damage the power seat switch.

The power seat switch retaining clip is made up of hard plastic or strong steel to last long. But the power seat switch retaining clip fails due to normal wear, rust and deterioration. Once you noticed that this device is faulty or already damaged, you have to replace it with a new high quality power seat switch retaining clip. Our products are made up of high quality premium materials and you can place your order here at OE PARTS HQ.

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