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Rack And Pinion Mount Bushing 2006 Toyota Prius

Rack And Pinion Mount Bushings

Also Known As:
Rack And Pinion Mount Bushing / Rack And Pinion Mount Bushings / Steering Rack Bushing / Steering Rack Bushings

Vehicles are made to take us from place to place and in order to achieve this task, vehicles must have the capability to change its direction. A vehicle’s steering system is what makes it drivable by enabling the driver to take control of the vehicle and steer its course.

A typical steering system consists of a steering wheel, a track rod or a steering rack, tie rods and steering arms. The most common type of steering system used in modern vehicles is the Rack and Pinion Type. The Rack and Pinion type of steering is popular because of its simple design and effectiveness in providing the driver a much better feel in steering.

A Rack and Pinion Steering System design is composed of several components and operates by converting the rotary motion of the steering wheel into linear motion need to move the steering rack. A Steering Rack is a toothed metal bar that meshes with the pinion gear of the steering shaft. Tie rods attached on both ends of the Steering Rack move the steering arms to steer the vehicle.

Rack and Pinion Mount Bushings provide mounting and support for the Rack and Pinion Assembly. Mount Bushings reduce vibrations coming from the vehicle and improve steering response and precision. Steering Rack Bushings are composed of a rubber vibration isolators and metal sleeves which deteriorate over time and eventually needs to be replaced.


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