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Suspension Control Arm Support Bracket 2006 Chevrolet Truck Ssr

Suspension Control Arm Support Brackets

Also Known As:
Control Arm Support Bracket / Control Arm Support Brackets

A suspension control arm is a mechanical device that supports the weight and the wheels of a vehicle, permit the wheels to move up and down, allow the wheels to turn and keep the tires perpendicular to the road. Suspension Control Arm and Ball Joint Assemblies are also called A-arms because the component looks like the letter A.

Control arms provide a rigid mount for suspension components and also serve as anchors to stabilizer bars and steering components which are vital to vehicle stability and operation. The broad side of the Control Arm is attached to Control Arm Support Brackets which are bolted place to the car frame. These brackets have bushings that allow the control arms to move on their axes.Control arms are either mounted individually or in pairs as upper and lower control arms on each wheel.

Control Arm Support Brackets are anchored on the vehicle chassis and holds the control arms in place. Control Arms are attached to the brackets through rubber bushings which reduce the friction between these suspension components as they move. Control Arm Brackets are rigid metal components which are designed to withstand heavy loads and massive amounts of vibration.


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