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Suspension Knuckle Bushing 1997 Cadillac Deville

Suspension Knuckle Bushings

Also Known As:
Knuckle Bushing, Steering Knuckle

The suspension bushings are used for positioning and aligning the vehicle suspension and also the components of the steering assembly. The suspension bushings provide different benefits which include good vehicle performance, handling responses, and prevent noise and vibration. The suspension knuckle work well with the suspension knuckle bushings.

The suspension knuckle bushing is made up of rubber and steel which is commonly located at the inner ends of the control arms. The suspension knuckle bushing cushions the control arm and the suspension knuckle while they operate. These bushings hold and keep the suspension knuckle, support bearing or axle housing in place while the vehicle wheel turns. In addition to the function of the suspension knuckle bushing, this eliminates the suspension noises and vibrations and keeps noise from resonating through the vehicle chassis. The suspension knuckle bushing is also known as Knuckle Bushing and Steering Knuckle.

The suspension knuckle bushings are wear and tear parts, failure is primarily due to rubber deteriorating which commonly results to a clunking sound or rattling noise. If these happen, replacing the suspension knuckle bushing with a new one will dissolve those irritating sounds. We are an online store that provides high quality products, so what are you waiting for browse our catalog now and place your order right here at OE PARTS HQ.

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