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Wheel Hub 1996 Volkswagen Passat

Wheel Hubs

Also Known As:
Wheel Flanges, Hub, Front Wheel Hubs

Maintaining the right firm of tightness of the bolts and nuts on the vehicle’s wheels can result to a safe and worry free driving. This is because it ensures the connection of the wheels to the car’s chassis. The wheel hub is the device that is attached to the wheel. A proper fitting on the wheel bearings allow the wheels to move freely. The wheel hub serves an important purpose on rolling the wheels of the vehicles. Without it, it would not be possible to the car to drive and roll out the wheel because it cannot be moved to its destination. Typically, a wheel hub has different sets of bolts and nuts. The Wheel hub sometimes also called wheel flanges, hub and front wheel hubs

The bolts and nuts are used to keep the wheels stable that is capable in handling the overall vehicle’s weight. The wheel hub also gives protection to the wheel bearing from getting marred by smudge and dirt or other elements. Wheel hubs are well-built and durable parts, but this part is also prone to wear and tear damage. If such incident happens, you will notice a grinding noise that irritates your ear while driving the vehicle. This indicates that you need to replace the wheel hub. A regular check up and periodic maintenance service on the vehicle, including the wheel hub will prevent any further and future damages of the related parts attached to it.

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