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Product Information

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  1. Are the parts that sells Genuine, ACDelco-GM and Genuine Motorcraft from Ford?

  2. What are OEM Replacement Parts?

  3. Does OEHQ sell Used, Imitation or Counterfeit Parts?

  4. What is the standard warranty for products?

  5. Does offer a money-back guarantee?

  6. Can Customer Support physically get a product and describe it to me?

  7. Will special order merchandise that is not currently in stock or listed on the website?

  8. How can I obtain a price, stock or shipping quote from

  9. Does offer any technical support or advice?

  10. Can I buy batteries from OEHQ?

1. Are the parts that sells genuine, ACDelco from GM and Genuine Motorcraft from Ford?

We are Original Equipment specialist and we carry a large inventory (890,000 sku) of Genuine OEM parts available from General Motors and the Ford Motor Company. These parts are the same brands offered via GM, ACDelco and Ford, Motorcraft and are the same componets you would find available at your local GM or Ford Dealership.
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2. What are OE Replacement Parts?
"OEM Replacement Parts" are new aftermarket auto parts that are built to replace the original equipment manufactured (OEM) parts that where used in the production of your vehicle. These components are made by manufactures other than the original vehicle manufacture and may not match the exact OEM specifications for fit, finish or usability that was set by the vehicle manufacturer. "OE Replacement" products are offer by industry respected manufactures, such as Standard Motor Products, Dorman , A1-Cardone, Spectra Premium , Platinum parts and others. These parts are manufactured to very high quality standards and are regarded by skilled technicians as a great solution in replacements parts for a cost conscious buyer.
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3. Does OEHQ sell Used parts or Counterfeit Parts?
NO, is proud to offer the same parts that are offered by GM-ACDelco, Ford-Motorcraft, and numerous aftermarket manufacturers. Counterfeit parts offerings are a detriment to the industry and is active in the effort to eliminate them. The following link will explain counterfeiting further and give a place to report any product you may find being offered.
For more information on counterfeit parts
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4. What is the standard warranty for products? administers the warranty for the manufacturer of the parts we sell. In most cases this is a one year defect only warranty.
If within one year from date of purchase the part no longer functions, due to a defect, will replace that part Free of Charge. Note: Labor, shipping and incidental expences are not reimburseable. All warranty issues after one year must be referred to the manufacturer.

Parts that are damaged due to incorrect installation or mistreatment are not covered under this warranty. does not express or imply any warranty as to the performance of any part sold. is not liable for damages of any kind arising from the use of parts purchased on this site, including but not limited to indirect, direct, incidental, and consequential damages.

  • Most Component part warranties are offered by the corresponding manufacture to the original purchaser for a period of 12 month / 12000 mile.
  • There may be a few product offerings that may have longer warranties ( please check with us for items with longer warranties).
  • Warranties apply only to the original purchaser and only for the vehicle on which the part was originally installed.
  • Warranties listed for parts used on a private passenger vehicles only
  • Warranties for cargo, commercial or off-road vehicles may have a reduced warranty period.
  • Warranties are for the Replacement of the defective component ONLY.
  • No CASH Refunds allowed,
  • No labor reimbursement,
  • No Refund of shipping costs
  • Warranties Do NOT allow for the refund of any incidental expenses such as ( Towing, Car Rental, Cab fares, Labor or other miscellaneous expenses)
  • The replacement part Does not extend the warranty term of the original part warranty.
  • Manufacturers may change their warranty terms without notice to the distributor or the customer at any time.

    If you have a warranty issue please contact .
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    5. Does offer a money-back guarantee?
    On most items you can get a refund in the first 30 days. 15% restocking fee may be applyed to returns for reasons other than replacing a defective product.
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    6. Can's Customer Service pull a part and describe it to me?
    We do our utmost to provide photos of all the parts we sell. however our warehouses are not in the same location as the sales offices and therefore we cannot physically get a hold of a particular product to describe it to you.
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    7. Will special order merchandise that is not currently listed on the website?
    If you place an order for an item that is out of stock, we will place an order with the appropriate vendor for the item. These orders generally require an extra 5-10 business days to process however in some cases can take longer. If the item is unavailable from the vendor, you will be credited for the amount of purchase.
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    8. Can I obtain a price quote or stock check or shipping quote from
    Sure call us at 877-677-8691 we will be glad to assist you in ant way we can..
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    9. Does offer any technical support or advice? does not offer any technical assistance. Unfortunately, we do not have the expertise on installation or diagnosis of items. However we can recommend the Google User Groups as a great source of Technical information on auto repairs.
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    10.Can I buy batteries from OEHQ ?
    Due to the current UPS /FedEx parcel shipping limitations on the shipment of Lead Acid Filled Batteries, all automotive batteries must be shipped via a truck line i.e. (common carrier). This method of transportation is extremely expensive and as a result makes it difficult to sell batteries.
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